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Large-Sized Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant
Large-Sized Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant
Price Today: $76.00

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Our Phalaenopsis Orchid plants come housed in a beautiful container with decorative moss and other natural elements. If you like to talk, this is the perfect plant for you as sound waves have been known to help the blooms last longer (30-36" tall in a 4-5" pot)! It is a very easy plant to care for and has the longest lasting blooms of all the orchids.

Rating Service

Thanks for the wonderful service. The person to whom I sent the plant wasn't home when your delivery person arrived, but your employees not only contacted me, but also made sure that they figured out a way to leave the plant for him safely. The contact person on the phone was warm, friendly, and resourceful and I am very grateful to her and to all of you for doing such a great job.

Rating Your Employee

Suzanne took my phone order on Tuesday. That's two days before V-Day, and things are insane - I know you know that - I'm just emphasizing it. Suzanne was gracious, delightful, patient and efficient. I really wanted the plant delivered that day, and she was very tactful about telling me that it might not be but she would do her best. She did more than her best, because the plant was delivered mid-afternoon, in time for what it was intended for. (I'm the one who left it the order to the last minute.) THANK YOU FOR HAVING PEOPLE LIKE SUZANNE WORKING FOR YOU!!!! Especially around Valentine's Day! Jane ('Suzanne' may not be exactly her name - I hope I get it right!)

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